Cynthia Blair, portraits of Rock Music Legends

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In Tribute to Keith Emerson Greg Lake of Emerson Lake and Palmer Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day
Greg Lake David Tennant, 10th Doctor Who


This is part of an ongoing portrait series I began in 2008, in tribute to those who have been the soundtrack of my life. Each portrait has a story to tell, and hopefully I have captured some of their spirit and essence. Most of the originals I have given to those who inspired each work, or I have donated to charity, for the joy is in the giving. It is my greatest wish that they never be forgotten, that their legacy lives on. For it is these people who have given me the courage to follow my dreams, as they have shown the way.

If you are interested in my personal notes about some of the artwork I've created, you will find it here on my art blog.

If you came here looking for my older portfolio of other work in pastels, oils, and digital art and website design, you will find it here on my CBA Studio website.

News and Updates:


Not sorry to see this year end. On the bright side, I'm doing a much needed cleaning out of my studio space, and offering many of my original drawings and paintings for sale on my Etsy Shop

Greg Lake of Emerson Lake and Palmer •11/10/2016 Hey Greg, turn me on. Happy Birthday! Nov 10, 1946. In other news, I did an interview for Progression Magazine in issue #70. (Yes, my hair color is now steel gray/blue.) Went to see Keith Urban in concert with Brenda Bennett last week...great show, Roy Bennett does some incredible lighting stage sets. I remember his work with Prince going back to the 80's.

Prince Rogers Nelson • 4/21/2016 I can't believe it. Now Prince has left us. If this is a Sign o' the Times, it's a bad one. I have such incredible memories of seeing his Purple Rain tour. Prince is truly a music legend.


In Tribute to Keith EmersonWell bad news seems to prevail this year, we've lost so many musicians. I want to do tributes to all of them, but I can't keep up. One of the very saddest moments was finding out that Keith Emerson, that wonderful wizard of keyboards died. I had planned to re-work my artwork of him a couple of years ago, and was really angry with myself for putting it aside. Well here it is, finally done. It will be featured in Progression Magazine issue #69. But honestly, I wish all the rock heroes I grew up with would live forever. Confession: I'm not on FB much lately because I dread finding out someone else has died. It just fills me with grief. But I do have more of Keith I'm working on, and I have a bunch of David Bowie I didn't finish yet.

Tom Bombadil Finished with Tom Bombadil for a book cover, among many client projects this year. It's always fun to spend some time in middle earth. There's a few characters I think are particularly difficult to bring to life, and Tom is definitely an enigma.

• 6/28/2013 Finally put Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin painting on the media/wallpaper download page, in many sizes, including iPad and iPhone. Share the Zep love!

Carl Palmer, ELP digital illustration• 5/5/2013 Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends and visitors! I've been busy all winter working on a bunch of digital illustration work, none of which I've posted yet, but will. Here's one: Carl Palmer in honour of his 2013 World Tour. Note: any background scan of album art by HR Giger are allowed by Carl, because ELP did commission the art for BSS. Know that I am definitely not forsaking traditional painting in oils! I've been exploring painting digitally using my Cintiq in combining with traditional mediums. I think its best to choose the medium (or combination) that best expresses the concept. I'd like to use traditonal medium for what it's best for, and Photoshop/Painter for what it's best for, and mix it all up, see how it works.

• 11/26/2012 First digital painting/illustration is now finished...Greg Lake from the ELP days, playing his Fender Jazz Bass. Inspired by his King Crimson song "Moonchild".

• 10/1/2012 I've just finished a small oil painting of Jack White in one of his GREAT hats.

• 8/10/2012 Been practicing my facial anatomy lately by picking some difficult lighting to work with: David Tennant (from Dr. Who) oil on illustration board.

• 7/15/2012 working the magic on Jimmy Page, this is an oil study for a painting I'd like to do life size for the Music Heritage Project museum at Knebworth. It's an iconic pose of Jimmy Page onstage.

• 7/12/2012 new Jack White painting here . After painting his chair, I thought I'd add some character to it, and I love the Medusa image from mythology. A chair is not just a piece of furniture, it has a presence to it.

• 7/3/2012 my Robert Plant painting is featured on Delta Magazine's August 2012 cover! How cool is that?! Robert will be headlining the Sunflower Blues & Gospel Festival, Clarksdale, Mississippi in early August.

• 6/18/2012 In tribute to Jimi Hendrix, a new painting commemorating his 1967 performance at the Monterey Pop Festival on this very day, when he lit his guitar on fire before smashing it onstage.

• 4/18/2012 I was one of the lucky people to catch Greg Lake 4/17 in New Bedford, MA. It was a totally brilliant performance highlighting favourites from King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer, with a dash of Elvis and Hendrix just to show off what an incredible talented and versatile musician he really is. His music has always been a huge inspiration for me since the early 70's.

8/19/11The Black Veil Brides portraits commissioned by BVB. BandMerch was kind enough to allow me to upload these as part of my portfolio.

8/3/11 • Finally finished up and inked the artist contract with Black Veil Brides! I am awaiting permission to use the images for my portfolio, but hopefully in a few days I can post the 5 portraits. I just posted a new Nikki Sixx painting, inspired by his album and book with Sixx:AM, "This Is Gonna Hurt".

9/26/10 • I'm just back from a trip to England to help out with Memories In Music's Midlands Exhibit at the St. Paul's Gallery in Birmingham. Except for lack of sleep, we had a great time and kicked off the Music Heritage Project. I contributed quite a bit of Classic Rock artwork to this, some big paintings as well as the poster design and the MHP logo and, of course, the website design. Annie Hollinshead is the Director and person to speak to if you're interested in the Project. You can read more about the Opening Night here, on Memories In Music's blog and about the Music Heritage Project here.

My Philosophy:

I'm naïve enough to believe that each one of us can make this world a better place. We all have gifts to give and share. Well, art is my way.
Music has inspired me throughout my life. In some of the darkest moments, a lyric or a song will lift your heart, give you hope, make the unbearable bearable. Musicians have the power to influence a generation, to be role models for all of us. So it has always been, from Woodstock to Warped Tour.

I started drawing this portrait series in early 2008, and add to it regularly. I've since expanded to paintings, and now experimenting in mixed media portraiture as well as mixing traditional and digital techniques together. The adventure goes on!
Please view, and I hope you enjoy!